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These articles have been written by Phil Wilson and cover a broad range of topics for people who wish to build, renovate, repair or maintain property are listed below in subject order. They were originally published in the Bali Advertiser

To see the orginal text of the article, many with humour, click the pdf logo .

Note: all articles are copyright Phil Wilson and cannot be copied or reproduced in part or in full without the written permission of the author.

Subject Fixed Abode Article Link
How Does An Air Conditioner Work? A Drinkers Guide To Air Conditioners
Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance Bakso And The Art Of Air Conditioner Maintenance
Air Conditioner Size How Big's Your Peka
Air Conditioning Refrigerants Nasty Gas
Inverters and Inverter Air Conditioners Preaching To The Inverted
Temperature, humidity and Dew Point Sweating Like a Pig
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - Building Structure and Strength
Causes of Cracking in Buildings Only Here For The Crack
Concrete Mixtures Pour Me A Pyramid Will You
Causes of Cracks in Walls Who Hung Moaning Lisa
Building foundations Firm Foundations
Cement and Reinforced Concrete Semen Gresik
Concrete Columns And Beams Do You Feel Like A Banana?
Building Construction - Soil Tests The Answer Lies In The Soil
Understanding Soil Tests Toothpaste Theory
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - Licences Permits and Zoning
Building Permits Eye Em Bee
Local building approval Barbed Wire Diplomacy
Building Regulations Picken Der Nozen
Reading A Land Zoning Map Erroneous Zones
Spatial Planning and land zoning Sling yer 'ook
Building Projects - how to reduce the stress A Home Away From Home
How To Find And Manage A Contractor Seeking The Holy Quail
Project Management Poor Digestion
Signing building contracts Giraffe Futures
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - Quantity Surveying and Cost Control
Project Management bill of quantities payments Flap Flap
Building Consultants Cost What A Load Of Bulls
House and land costs The Price Of Paradise
Controlling Building Costs Dribblus Lucrere
Quantity surveying Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width
BUILDING CONSTRUCTION - Standards and Quality
Standards and quality of construction Now You See It
Quality of manufacturing The Mercy Of Quality
Government Standards and Quality A Matter Of Standards
Architectural blindspots The Blind Leading The Not So Blind
Unsafe Building Design Bad Evolution
Building Insulation Sloppy Armpits
Building With Bamboo Part 1 People In Grass Houses Shouldn't Keep Cows
Building With Bamboo Part 2 A Cheeky Affair
The design of chimneys and flues Up Yer Flue
House Design - How big? The Albanian Lion Tamer
Indonesian Building Terms Bahasa Gembala Kambing
MEP Design The Confusion Of The Bipolar Bear
Building Traditional Wooden Houses Joglos and Jigsaws
Using Local Architects Pigments And Goatherders
BUILDING DESIGN - Balinese Architecture
Spirituality And Balinese Architecture Gruntling The Grockles
Balinese Building Design A Sense Of Proportion
Balinese Gateways Walls and Kul Kul Towers Balinese Architecture Gateways and Walls
BUILDING DESIGN - Bathroom Design
Bathroom design planning Right Royal Ablutions
Bathroom Layout Washing The Hamster
BUILDING DESIGN - Disabled Access
Wheelchair Access To Buildings Wheelchair Gymnastics
Disabled Access Maiming Rights
BUILDING DESIGN - Kitchen Design
Kitchen design - cabinets Fair Go For The Little People
Kitchen design - layout Snake Pie
BUILDING DESIGN - Security and Safety
Escape From Buildings Escape From Hotel Colditz
Health And Safety At Home Wealth And Safety At Work
Home Protection Ebola Security
Avoiding Ongoing Maintenance Problems Old Sparky
Maintenance and Attitudes Living In The Moment
Building Renovation a strategic approach Renovation Ramblings
Planning A Building Renovation Afishancy
Remodelling Your House The Realignment of Quirks
Renovating Tired buildings I Don't Like Mondays
Property Insurance Acts Of God
Builders and Landbuyers Checklist Humus Trustus
Buying Land Freehold Real Estate Parrots
Buying Land Leasehold A Load Of Old Rollocks
Property Ownership and The Nominee Crisis A Gnashing Of Molars
Signing Contracts The Moving Finger Writes
Buying Property - House and Land Prices Pretty Bubbles In The Air
Investing In Property Laying A Nestegg
Property Ownership - Access To Land A Matter of Access
Land Ownership and nominees Whiter Shade Of Pale
Land and Property Value The Law Of The Bungle
Renting Out Your Property Tenants From Hell
ELECTRICAL - Earthing and Grounding
Earthing Buildings Earthing Delights
Earthing Of Electrical Circuits Mother Earth
Earthing Water Heaters in Electrical Circuits The Missing Vowel
Lightning rods and conductors The Grilled Fulminologist
ELECTRICAL - Electrical Equipment
Ceiling Fans Toe Motion
Light Bulbs Compared LEDs Come Into Their Own
Safe Electrical Circuits WTHIT
Voltage Stabilisers or Regulators Danish Bacon
Halogen Lights Nice Lights But......
Lighting Design Swineherds Seeking Panage
Electrical Sensors Gremlins And A New World Order
ELECTRICAL - Earthing Installation
Testing Electrical Circuits Ohm Ohm Ohm
Safe Electrical Installations Electrocutus Interuptus
Residual Current Circuit Breakers Electrical Lemmimgs
ELECTRICAL - Electricity Supply
Electrical Batteries Seeking The Holy Frog
Energy Emissions and Power Generation Energy Emissions And All That
Electricity Generators Homemade Electrons
Electricity Prepaid Meters Power Brokers
Electromagnetic Radiation King Jimmy Hits A Snag
Risks of Nuclear Power Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing
Nuclear Reactors The Biggest I Told You So In History
Three Phase Power As long As It's Brown
ELECTRICAL - Saving Electricity
High Electricity Consumption Ze Leetle Veel It Ees Turning Veery Fast
High Electricity Consumption The Biggest Feet In Town
Electrical Power Savers, Capacitors and Power Factor The Power Of Positive Drinking
Saving Electricity Reducing the Footprint
Saving Electricity 2 Rubbing The Amber
ELECTRICAL - Solar Electricity
Costs of Solar Electric Power Coffee Pooak
All About Carpets Checking Your Pile
Reinforced concrete floor design and waterproof membranes. Enthralling Perambulations
Terrazzo Floor Installation and Maintenance Tossa Enrico Razzo
Flooring materials and pitfalls Ceramic Liaisons
Gas Cooking Stove Safety Bom Melons and Sennapod Tea
Gas Regulators and Safety A Ball Of Fire
Gas Cylinders A Release Of Gas
Gas Equipment and Safety An Explosive Issue
Landscaping Digitalis Hijau
Living With Trees Chainsaw Massacres
Steel The Ites Have It
Steel Alloys and Stainless steel Sloppy Barrels
How to stop rust and corrosion Wangle Andle
All About Bricks A Frog In Your Brick
Standard Screw Threads The British Screw
Painting Walls Colour Spies
Matching Paint Colours What's Latin For I Haven't Got A Clue What You're Talking About
Painting walls and masonry Let's Paint the Dogs of War
Understanding paint coatings A Primer on Paint
Checking for building damage after earthquakes Tiddlewinks
Earthquake Risk In Bali On Shaky Ground
Building To Protect Against Earthquakes Elephant's Bottom
Earthquakes When The Earth Moves
Building protection from strong winds I'll Huff And I'll Puff
Storms, Cyclones, Typhoons and Hurricanes How To Take The Skin Off A Rice Pudding
Safe and Unsafe Insecticides Life In The Toxic Lane
Preventing Mould and Mildew Mouldy Mumblings
Mosquitoes and Pest Control Blood Suckers
Mosquitoes If You Have an Itch
Rabies Let's Get Serious
All About Rats Tikus Besar
Rats and How To Get Rid Of Them The Elusive Flute Player
Anti termite techniques, barriers and treatments On Her Majesty's Service
Termites Terminal Flatulence
Termites Have I Got Them? Arboreal Banquet
Quality Of Plumbing Fittings Beware Unexploded Taps
Smelly Drains Not In Polite Company
Taps and Tap Maintenance Hairy Hands
All About Toilets Respect Your Humble Crapper
Polycarbonate Roofs Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Man Who Sells It
Low Cost Roofs What Do You want Now?
Venting and Insulation of Roofs Passing Wind
Waterproofing Flat Concrete Roofs I Love Mum
Concrete Gutters and Roof Aprons Bad Practice Makes Perfect
Flat Concrete Roof Problems The Flat Roof Society
Leaking Roofs 'Ark the 'Erald Angels
Repairing Water Leaks in Concrete Roofs Drips Anonymous
Lightweight Steel Roof Trusses A Matter Of Truss
PVC Roof Gutters and Downpipes The Acne Guide To Removing Cats and Dogs from your Roof
Installing Roof Gutters Gutter Butter
Choosing Roof Materials I'm Fixing A Hole
Septic Tanks and How They Work Meet Your Friendly Household Bacteria
Design of Drains and Drainage Systems Pass Me The Powdered Unicorn Horn
Good Drain Design You Are The Drains Beneath My Feet
Government Sewerage System Hunting Truffles
Caring For Your Septic System Septic Understandings
Avoiding Blocked Toilets Scrunchers and Folders
Septic Tank Design And Construction The Difficult Flying Cow
Septic Tank Size A Tank Full
Water Shortage, Rainwater Catchment and Soakpits Not A Drop To Drink
Swimming Pool Design Musical Snails
Do you really want a swimming pool? A Nice Idea
Swimming Pool Pump Rooms The Fried Gardener
Types Of Swimming Pools Foetida Adulteri
Boundary Walls Good Boundaries
Internal Walls of Buildings Where's My Hairy Horse
Retaining wall design and construction Pig Sty Protection Racket
Rising Damp A Case Of Wrinkly Feet
Waterproofing Wet and Damp Walls How To Poach An Egg
WATER - Water Filtration And Testing
Contaminated Well A Contaminated Well
Water Filtration And Testing Purity Of Mind
Hard Water Furry Water
Contaminated Water It's The Water That Gets You
Water Laboratory Testing Low Cost Mineral Supplements
WATER - Water Heaters
Hotel hot water and air conditioning systems Taming The Beast
Air Conditioner Water Heaters Sunny Side Up
Electric Water Heaters A Well Scrubbed Pig
Gas Water Heaters The Hot Water Twostep
Solar Water Heaters The Prunes Of Mother Earth
Water Heaters - Which Kind Eat 'Er
Water Bores and Wells Boredom
Rainwater Harvesting Water Madness
Water Supply in Dry Areas The Empty Bukit
Water Supply - water sources A Slight Touch Of Wellness
Water shortages and Saving Water The Greater Spotted Bali Blue
Water Systems Float Valves Oh Bother
Leaking Hot Water Pipes The Art Of Nasal Hygiene
Pipes For Water Systems One Hump Or Two
Water Pressure Problems Waiting For Godot
Water Pressure Tanks Knock Knock
Cycling Water Pump The Stuttering Pump
Solving Water Pump Problems Parang Diplomacy
Size Of Water Pumps Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width
Types of water pumps Flying Blacksmiths
Mistakes In Water Supply Systems A Wet Dream
Water Storage Tanks Avoiding The Ongoing Negative Supply Situation
Government Water Supply And Bills Wormholes And Water Bills
Water Meters and Water leaks Deja Vu
Water Supply and Water Pumps Watery Futures
Aluminium Windows and Doors You Say Aluminum and I say Aluminium.
Leaking Windows and French Doors The Elusive Moby Dick
Common Problems With Windows and Doors Thank God It's Friday