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Fixed Abode Articles

Fixed Abode articles written by Phil Wilson that have appeared in the Bali Advertiser cover a broad range of topics for people who wish to build, renovate, repair or maintain property are listed below in reverse order of the date of publication.

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Note: all articles are copyright Phil Wilson and cannot be copied or reproduced in part or in full without the written permission of the author.

No Title Subject Web Text
257 Air Conditioner Reliability Air Conditioner quality and reliability
256 Rainwater Harvesting Collecting Rain To Supply Your House
255 Mould and Mildew How to Prevent Mould and Mildew
253 Volcanic Ash Protecting Yourself From Volcanic Ash
252 Dangers From Volcanic Eruptions Why are Volcanoes Dangerous?
251 Sweating Like A Pig Temperature, Relative Humidity and Dew Point
250 Sloppy Armpits How to Insulate Your Home
249 Snake Oil Futures Protection against cheats, frauds and charlatans
248 Electrical Lemmings Residual Current and Earth Leakage Devices
247 Bom Melons and Sennapod Tea Gas Cooking Stove Safety
246 Hunting Truffles Government Sewerage System
245 The Tax Amnesia Tax Amnesty Step By Step Instructions
244 Taxidermy For Beginners All About The IndonesianTax Amnesty
243 You Are The Drains Beneath My Feet Drains
242 Pigments And Goatherders Using Local Architects
241 Power Brokers Prepaid Electricity Meters
240 Electrons And Beancounters Electricity Costs
239 Flowery Follies Dereliction
238 Enthralling Perambulations Reinforced concrete floors and waterproof membranes
237 Swineherds Seeking Panage Lighting Design
236 Do You Feel Like A Banana? Concrete Columns And Beams
235 The Flat Roof Society Flat Concrete Roof Problems
234 I Can Feel It In My Water Contaminated Government Water Supply
233 A Frog In Your Brick All About Bricks
232 That Sinking Feeling Sinking Floors
231 The Recalcitrant Swimming Pool A Difficult Leaking Swimming Pool
230 A Ripe Old Age Safe Electrical Installations
229 Seeking The Holy Frog Batteries
228 What Is This Electricity Stuff Anyway? What is Electricity?
227 Picken Der Nozen Building Regulations
226 Erroneous Zones Land Zoning Map And How To Read It
225 Sling yer 'ook Spatial Planning and land zoning
224 Wormholes And Water Bills Government Water Supply And Bills
223 Thinking With Your Groin Opening A Restaurant Or Bar
222 Private Villas And Tourism Private Villas And Tourism
221 The Elusive Flute Player Rats and How To Get Rid Of Them
220 Parang Diplomacy Solving Water Pump Problems
219 As long As It's Brown Three Phase Power
218 May Your Bebek Go With You A Strategic Approach To Maintenance
217 A Cheap Lunch Saving Money
216 Toothpaste Theory Reading and Understanding Soil Tests
215 Not A Drop To Drink Water Shortage, Rainwater Catchment and Soakpits
214 The Bull's Scrotum How To Invest In Property
213 Driftwood Protecting Yourself From Exploitation
212 The Confusion Of The Bipolar Bear MEP Design
211 A Gnashing Of Molars Property Ownership and The Nominee Crisis
210 A Load Of Old Rollocks Buying Land Leasehold
209 Real Estate Parrots Buying Land Freehold
208 Milking The Frog Costing Investment In Property
207 A Kettle Of Fish Swimming Pool Plumbing Systems
206 Musical Snails Swimming Pool Design
205 Foetida Adulteri Types Of Swimming Pools
204 Eat 'Er Water Heaters - Which Kind
203 Burning The Bras Ears Water Heaters and Water System Design
202 For The Want Of A Nail Saving Money and False Economy
201 A Ha'porth of Tar Saving Money
200 The Difficult Flying Cow Septic Tank Design And Construction
199 Meet Your Friendly Household Bacteria Septic Tanks and How They Work
198 Dobbin Is Not A Horse Managing People
197 Balinese Architecture Part 3 Balinese Gateways etc
196 A Sense Of Proportion Balinese Building Design
195 Gruntling The Grockles Spirituality And Balinese Architecture
194 Bad Practice Makes Perfect Concrete Gutters and Roof Aprons
193 Wheelchair Gymnastics Wheelchair Access To Buildings
192 Escape From Hotel Colditz Escape From Buildings
191 Old Sparky Avoiding Ongoing Maintenance Problems
190 A Matter Of Truss Lightweight Steel Roof Trusses
189 Laying A Nestegg Investing in Property
188 The Art Of Nasal Hygiene Leaking Hot Water Systems
187 You Say Aluminum and I Say Aluminium Aluminium
186 Flap Flap, Snort Snort Project Management and Bill Of Quantities
185 A Slight Touch Of Wellness Water Sources
184 What's Latin For I haven't Got a Clue Matching Paint Colours
183 Pass Me The Powdered Unicorn Horn MEP and Drainage Design 1
182 Blood Suckers Mosquitoes and Pest Control
181 The Missing Vowel Earthing and Grounding of Water Heaters in Electrical Circuits
180 Auricular Greetings Household Hygiene
179 The Edison Screw Lives On LED, Incandescent and compact fluorescent lights compared
178 Bruises On Their Foreheads Saving Electricity Around The House
177 Pleonexia And The House Of Cracks Structural Strength and Cracks In Houses
176 A Cheeky Affair Building with bamboo Part 2
175 People In Grass Houses Shouldn't Keep Cows Building With Bamboo Part 1
174 Mother Earth Earthing and Grounding of Electrical Circuits
173 Troublesome Floors Troublesome Floors
172 Pretty Bubbles In The Air Buying Property - House and Land Prices
171 Digilatis Hijau Landscaping
170 Ohm Ohm Ohm Testing Electrical Circuits
169 Washing The Hamster Bathroom Layout
168 Ebola Security Home Security and Protection
167 Right Royal Ablutions Bathroom Design and Planning
166 Seeking The Holy Quail Finding and Managing A Contractor
165 The Stuttering Pump Water Pump stopping and starting
164 The Realignment Of Quirks Renovating And Remodelling Your House
163 Wealth And Safety At Work Health and Safety At Home
162 Gutter Butter Installing Roof Gutters
161 One Hump Or Two Pipes For Water Systems
160 Boredom Water Bores And Wells
159 Hairy Hands Water taps and tap maintenance
158 Ouch That Hertz Solar power systems
157 Coffee Pooak Costs of solar electric power
156 Taming The Beast Hotel hot water and air conditioning systems
155 Who Hung Moaning Lisa? Causes of cracks in walls
154 Fair Go For The Little People Kitchen design - cabinets
153 Snake Pie Kitchen design - layout
152 The Albanian Lion Tamer House design - how big?
151 Pig Sty Protection Retaining wall design and construction
150 The Mercy Of Quality Quality of materials and equipment
149 Purity Of Mind Water Filtration And Testing
148 Bahasa Gembala Kambing Indonesian Building Terms
147 Pour Me A Pyramid Will You Concrete Mixtures
146 WTHIT Safe Electrical Circuits
145 A Home Away From Home Building Projects - how to reduce the stress
144 Dribblus Lucrere Controlling Building Costs
143 What A Load Of Bulls Building Consultants Cost
142 The Price Of Paradise House and land costs
141 A Case Of The Kevins Temperature and the Colour Of Lightbulbs
140 Life In The Toxic Lane Safe and Unsafe Insecticides
139 The Grilled Fulminologist Lightning Rods and Conductors
138 Fanny Fans The Fire Fire Extinguishers
137 Your Home Security System Guard Dogs
136 Air Conditioner Maintenance Air Conditioner Cleaning and Maintenance
135 A Drinkers Guide To Air Conditioners How Does An Air Conditioner Work?
134 I'll Huff And I'll Puff Building protection from strong winds
133 How To Take The Skin Off A Rice Pudding Storms, Cyclones, Typhoons and Hurricanes
132 Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width Quantity surveying
131 Afishancy Planning A Building Renovation
130 Maiming Rights Disabled Access
129 The British Screw Standard Screw Threads
128 Renovation Ramblings Building Renovation a strategic approach
127 I Don't Like Mondays Renovating Tired buildings
126 Tiddlewinks Checking for building damage after earthquakes
125 The Empty Bukit Water Supply in Dry Areas
124 Waiting For Godot Water Pressure Problems
123 The Warthog Effect Holes in Footpaths
122 A Matter of Access Property Ownership - Access To Land
121 A Tank Full Septic Tank Size
120 Poor Digestion Project Management
119 Sloppy Barrels Steel Alloys and Stainless steel
118 The Ites Have It Steel
117 Brass Monkeys and Dog Kennels Beautiful House Design
116 Toe Motion Ceiling Fans
115 King Jimmy Hits A Snag Electromagnetic Radiation
114 Danish Bacon Voltage Stabilisers or Regulators
113 Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing Risks of Nuclear Power
112 The Biggest I Told You So In History Nuclear Reactors
111 Knock Knock Water Pressure Tanks
110 Now You See It Standards and quality of construction
109 Colour Spies Painting Walls
108 Good Boundaries Boundary, Garden and Yard Walls
107 Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Man Who Sells It Polycarbonate Roofs
106 Perfectly Imperfect Condomotels
105 Super Erbs Electricity Costs 2010 - 2011
104 The Fried Gardener Swimming Pool Pump Rooms
103 Eureka Swimming Pools
102 Thank God It's Friday Common Problems With Windows and Doors
101 The Blind Leading The Not So Blind Architectural blindspots
100 Cathedra Toiletus Encephalopathy Attitude to Managing Staff
99 A Matter Of Standards Government Standards and Quality
98 A Release Of Gas Gas Cylinders
97 Watery Futures Water Supply and Water Pumps
96 Flying Blacksmiths Types of water pumps
95 Gremlins And A New World Order Electrical Sensors
94 A Well Scrubbed Pig Electric Water Heaters
93 An Explosive Issue Gas Equipment and Safety
92 Tikus Besar All About Rats
91 Bat Poo Therapy Limitations of Technology
90 The Law Of The Bungle Land and Property Value
89 The Hot Water Twostep Gas Water Heaters
88 Humus Trustus Builders and Landbuyers Checklist
87 Scrunchers and Folders Avoiding Blocked Toilets
86 On Her Majesty's Service Anti termite techniques, barriers and treatments
85 An Arboreal Banquet Termites Have I Got Them?
84 The Coal Fired Hairdryer Electrical Charges changes 2010
83 The Prunes Of Mother Earth Solar Water Heaters
82 Sunny Side Up Air Conditioner Water Heaters
81 Bad Evolution Unsafe Building Design
80 Oh Bother Water Systems Float Valves
79 I Love Mum Waterproofing Flat Concrete Roofs
78 Aerial Acrobatics Buying property and Access To Land
77 The Power Of Positive Drinking Electrical Efficiency, Power Factor and Savers
76 The Greater Spotted Bali Blue Water Shortages in Bali
75 The Elephant's Bottom Earthquake Resistant Construction
74 On Shaky Ground Earthquake Risk In bali
73 Onging Negative Supply Situation Water Storage Tanks
72 Not In Polite Company Smelly Drains
71 Checking Your Pile All About Carpets
70 Rubbing The Amber Saving Electricity Part 2
69 Energy Emissions And All That Power Generation and Energy Emissions
68 Acts Of God Property Insurance
67 Tenants From Hell Bad Tenants and Renting Out Your Property
66 Passing Wind Ventilating and Insulating Roof Spaces
65 The Answer Lies In The Soil Building Construction and Soil Tests
64 A Wet Dream Problems in Water Supply Systems
63 Eye Em Bee IMBs and Building Permits
62 Whiter Shade Of Pale Nominee Land Ownership and Land Certificates
61 Joglos and Jigsaws Building and Buying Traditional Wooden Houses
60 What Do You Want Now? Low Cost Roofs
59 How To Poach An Agg Waterproofing Wet and Damp Walls
58 Giraffe Futures Signing Builidng Contracts
57 Nice Lights But....... Quartz Halogen Lights
56 Let's Get Serious The Rabies Epidemic in Bali
55 The Elusive Moby Dick Leaking Windows and French Doors
54 Low Cost Mineral Supplements Laboratory Testing of Water For Contaminants
53 Beware Unexploded Taps Quality of Plumbing Fittings
52 A Damp Prognostication Drainage
51 Where's My Hairy Horse Cavity Walls and Internal Wall Linings
50 A Ball Of Fire Gas Regulators and Safety
49 Septic Understandings Caring For Your Septic Tank
48 A Nice Idea Do You Really Want A Swimming Pool
47 Semen Gresik Cement and Reinforced Concrete
46 Preaching to the Inverted Inverters and Inverter Air Conditioners
45 Eponymous Perambulations Items Named After People
44 A Primer On Paint Understanding Paint Coatings
43 Up Yer Flue Design of Chimneys and Flues
42 Identity Lost Copyright
41 Let's Paint the Dogs of war Painting Walls and Masonry
40 A Tale Of A Wail Electricity Bills
39 A Dodgy Contract Electrical Contract
38 A Case Of Wrinkly Feet Rising damp
37 Montague M List Minimalist Architecture
36 The Wondrous Wangle Andle How to stop rust and corrosion
35 Barbed Wire Diplomacy Local Building Approval
34 Minta Mati Safety
33 Homemade Electrons Electricity Generators
32 Smoke and Mirrors Buying Good Quality Items
31 Firm Foundations Building Foundations
30 Terminal Flatulence Termites
29 If You Have an Itch Mosquitoes
28 'Ark the 'Erald Angels Leaking Roofs
27 Reducing the Footprint Reducing Electricity Consumption
26 The Biggest Feet In Town High Electricity Consumption
25 Tossa Enrico Razzo Terrazzo
24 A Contaminated Well A Contaminated Well
23 Furry Water Hard Water
22 Deja Vu Water Meters, Water leaks and Excessive Bills
21 Now You See It, Now You Don't Planned Obsolescence
20 Removing Cats and Dogs from your Roof PVC Roof Gutters and Downpipes
19 Ceramic Liaisons Flooring Materials and Pitfalls
18 Earthing Delights Earthing in Buildings
17 Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width Size Of Water Pumps
16 Counting Electrons Electricity Charges 2007
15 Ze Leetle Veel It Ees Turning Veery Fast High Electricity Consumption
14 You're Making a List Buying a computer
13 When The Earth Moves Earthquakes and Why Houses Fall Down
12 How Big's Your Peka Air Conditioner Size
11 Poor Lighting Nightly Poor Electricity Supply
10 Nasty Gas Air Conditioning Refrigerants
9 Only Here For The Crack Causes of Cracking in Buildings
8 Drips Anonymous Repairing Water Leaks in Concrete Roofs
7 Electrocutus Interuptus Safe Electrical Installations
6 Chainsaw Massacres Living With Trees
5 The Moving Finger Writes Signing Contracts and Buying Property
4 Respect Your Humble Crapper All About Toilets
3 I'm Fixing A Hole Choosing Roof Materials
2 It's The Water That Gets You Bali Belly and Contaminated Water
1 Living In The Moment Property Maintenance and Attitudes