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Bali Building Renovation, Repair and Maintenance

Technical Advice

If you wish to buy, build, rent, renovate or maintain buildings and property and you are looking for technical advice or specialist services, this site may be of assistance

Here you will find a wealth of information articles that give simple explanations of the technical issues involved and advice on how to get good results and avoid problems.

We also look at how to renovate your home or office and keep it in good repair and well maintained, how to reduce costs and how to avoid the many pitfalls in what is a complex industry.

Specialist Services

Mr Fixit also offers an extensive range of building repair, renovation and MEP services (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services) for owners of private houses and villas and commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, shops and hotels. We employ fully trained engineers, electricians and plumbers.

Bamboo House and Pool

Property Renovation

Upgrading and modernising existing buildings is a specialist field that may require engineering expertise to determine what modifications are possible when renovating and how structural strength can be maintained. Clever design and cost awareness can achieve highly effective results for minimal effort and expense.

Repairs and maintenance

Our buildings require constant maintenance and repair to keep them in good condition. We look at everything from the risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, avoiding and repairing structural damage and building cracks, the safety of electrical circuits, roof and plumbing leaks, water supply and septic systems to pest control and water testing.

Building design and construction

The design of buildings, selecting and managing architects and the design process. What to expect from your architect and how much should it cost.

Structural design

How should the structure of your house or other building be designed and constructed to make sure that your building is safe, to legal standards and will withstand ground subsidence, earthquakes and tropical storms.

Project management

Building construction is a complex process and good management can save money and time. Understand how to manage your project to get the quality you want at the price you want and within a set timeframe.

The Construction process, reinforced concrete and materials used

A straightforward understanding of construction methods and processes can provide invaluable help when constructing or buying property. We look at the construction of foundations, beams, columns, roofs, walls, floors, windows and doors and the selection ofmaterials used.

Electrical installations

Well designed electrical systems installed by trained electricians are essential to prevent electric shock, fire and high electricity bills. We look at electrical circuit design, electrical safety, the importance of proper earthing, contact breakers, different types of light bulbs, efficiency and reducing the power that you use. The importance of using qualified electricians.

Plumbing systems

It is difficult to find good plumbers so we look at the design and installation of plumbing systems such as water supply and storage, septic and sewerage systems, and drainage.

Air conditioning

How do air conditioners work, what kind should you buy, how large should they be, what refrigerant should you use and how often should you clean them.

Property investment and legal issues

Buying property is the largest investment most people will make in their lives. Taking care in the process and understanding the pitfalls can minimise risk

Selecting land

Different types of land, soil testing, due diligence and legal processes.

Building permits

Requirements to get a building permit, documentation and building regulation compliance.