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Mr Fixit Building Renovation in Bali

Mr Fixit are specialists in renovating, remodelling, refurbishing and decorating buildings
Mr Fixit Bali florist renovation

  • Mr Fixit have extensive experience in renovation work. We provide technically sound, high quality solutions to even the most challenging of projects.
  • Our work is supported by our structural engineers who provide fully engineered solutions and detailed costings.
  • We renovate both residential and commercial buildings such as villas, houses, apartments, restaurants, shops and offices.


More serious renovation is often called remodelling
  • Remodelling is where the internal design is to be changed to provide a more modern or efficient living or working space or to make better use of the space available.
  • Existing walls may need to be demolished and/or new walls built, roofs may need to be added or modified.
  • In Bali we can expect an earthquake to occur at any time so it is vitally important to ensure that, during the renovation process, the strength of the building is not compromised.
  • Mr Fixit's engineers provide safety and security by designing planned changes and overseeing construction work.

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Defining What is Required

If you are moving into an existing house, opening new business premises or even expanding or upgrading your existing space it is highly likely that you will wish to renovate. Planning a renovation that suits the requirement of the purpose but comes within a sensible budget are important considerations. Overcapitalisation in buildings is a common mistake when renovating buildings.

Unlike new construction, renovations and extensions require working within the constraints of an existing building. This can often be far more challenging than constructing a new building from scratch.

Renovation may mean a new coat of paint but is more likely to require changes to suit a new working purpose, you may need doorways to be moved, ceilings lowered or modifications to lighting or power outlets.

Mr Fixit Bali studio renovation

Upgrading of Existing and New infrastructure

This may also be a time to look at the building as a whole and rectify long term problems such as ground subsidence, drainage, electrical installations or water and sewerage arrangements.

Specialist Installations

Some renovations, such as design studios or restaurants, may require specialist installation work such as digital networks, heavy equipment or kitchens to be installed. By planning this work the specialist skills required and the building design aspects can be fully allowed for.

In a recent high profile renovation we were required to install comprehensive electrical and communications cabling to British standard specifications.

Minimising disruption of Work Schedules

It may be that you need to renovate a building without disrupting your ongoing work schedules and so need a project that is carefully planned and executed. We achieve this using project management techniques to complete the work in the minimum amount of time and by managing the completion of individual phases and tasks within the work plan so that minimal disruption is caused.

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