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Keeping Safe at Home

Home Safety

There are many ways we can get hurt, ways that we can harm ourselves in our daily lives particularly around our homes. Here we look at the risks we may face on a daily basis and a check list of home safety.

Electric Short Circuits and House Fires

A Home Safety Checklist

Here is a quick checklist of some of the many ways we can protect ourselves from everyday risks:

  • Use nonslip tiles on floors particularly where they may get wet.
  • In bathrooms and other exposed places use safety glass for doors and panels.
  • Do not have electrical plug sockets in bathrooms.
  • Get your water tested for mineral or bacterial contamination.
  • Don't drink or clean your teeth in tap water.
  • Check your septic tank is not leaking.
  • Don't eat leftovers in tropical climates.
  • Keep gas cylinders and their regulators outside or in a well ventilated space.
  • Don't make steps to steep.
  • Don't set ceiling fans too low.
  • Make sure the gas is turned off after you finish cooking.
  • Pull plugs out when you leave the house.
  • Get your electricity circuits checked particularly if you have an alang alang roof.
  • Provide balustrades along drops more than a normal step high.
  • Avoid having sharp edges on floors, steps tables and chairs.
  • Make sure all electrical circuits are earthed.
  • Do not have your water heater set higher than 65 degrees.
  • Make sure the hot tap is on the left.
  • Avoid the use of glass in low door panels.
  • Put fences around deep swimming pools to keep children away.
  • Make sure swimming pools have an easy way of getting out.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher handy and check that it works periodically.
  • Check furnishings to make sure they are not made from highly inflammable materials.
  • Don't use a knife to get that piece of toast out of the toaster.
  • If you smell gas don't look for it with a naked flame and don't switch a light switch or anything else electrical on.
  • Check the power chords of electrical appliances (especially irons) regularly and don't procrastinate about fixing them.
  • Check your house for cracks or other signs of damage.
  • Look for heavy masonry on your house that could fall in an earthquake and get it removed.
  • Don't ride a motorcycle, if you have to then always wear a helmet.
  • Get yourself a guard dog.
  • Make sure you have effective door locks but that you can get our in case of fire.
  • If someone breaks in don't confront them, let them take what they want and go.
  • Don't keep dangerous dogs such as Pit Bull Terriers or Rottweilers (yes I know, yours is a nice friendly one that wouldn't hurt a fly, I have a friend you should talk to about that).
  • Put beer on the bottom shelf of the fridge, it keeps it colder and you can still reach in when you are rendered legless.
  • Also consider that if you can't afford health insurance perhaps you should be living elsewhere.

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