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Water Usage Calculator

How To Calculate Your Household Water Usage

water meter

The world is facing an ever deepening water crisis. Understanding where and how much water we use is the first step in beginning to conserve one of our most precious resources. This simple calculator will help you to track your water consumption, both indoors and outdoors and give you the information you need to help you save water.

Water Usage Calculator

To estimate the amount of water your household consumes, fill out the form below and press the Calculate button.

You can use this form to see where you can reduce your water consumption by limiting shower times, installing new water fixtures, and reducing the number of laundry & dishwasher loads.

Total number of people in your household. (Required)
Bathroom Water Use
How many showers per day on average does each member of your household take?
What is the average length (in minutes) of each shower? (10 minutes is average)
What is the flow rate (litres per minute) of your showerhead?
(9.5 for standard showerheads)
Total number of baths taken each week in your household.
Toilet Water Use
What is the average number of times each person flushes a toilet in your household per day? (4 is average)
How many litres does your toilet use per flush? (6 for standard toilets 4.5 for dual flush toilets)
Water Taps Use
How many times each day does each household member use water taps to shave,
brush teeth, wash hands and face, etc.? (3 is average)
How many minutes on average does the water run during each use? (1 minute is average)
Washing Dishes
Dishwashing Water Use
How many times are dishes washed by hand each day?
How many minutes on average does the water run during each dishwashing?
If you have a dishwasher, how many times is it used each week?
The average dishwasher uses 25 litres of water per load. Change this number if yours is different.
Laundry Water Use
How many loads of laundry are done by members of your household each week.
The average new top loading washing machine uses 50 litres of water per load, old ones may take 100 litres, change this number if yours is different.
Lawn Water Use
How many times is your lawn watered through a sprinkler system each week?
How many minutes is the lawn watered per watering? (Usage is 16 litres per minute for 2 taps)
How many minutes on average do you use your outdoor water taps per week? Include washing the car, topping up the swimming pool and other use (usage is 8 litres per minute).

Daily water use (litres) per person in your household
Showers & Baths Lawn Watering
Toilets Other Outdoor Uses
Water taps  
Hand Washing Dishes
Comparison between your household
and an average British household
  Your Household Usage British Average Household Usage
Interior litres per day 111
Exterior litres per day 42
Total Household litres of Water Used in the House
  Per Day Per Month Per Year
Your Household
British Average
* All calculations are rounded to the nearest litre