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About Mr Fixit

The information articles in this site have been written by Phil Wilson, if you need technical advice about building construction or repair he can be contacted through our office here....

Our Business Philosophy

Mr Fixit is committed to building long term relationships with our customers. We know that to do this we have to provide high quality services that people can trust.

Mr Fixit provide you with skilled engineers and tradesmen. We are committed to providing high quality work and we believe that our reputation and long term business survival depends upon providing our customers with reliable high quality service.

Skilled Staff

skilled electrician in Bali

On an Island where there are no formal apprenticeships, and few trades training courses or certification processes it is difficult for people living here to know who they can trust to carry out their work.

We know that our future depends upon the standard of our staff. Mr Fixit employs a team of carefully selected engineers and tradesmen chosen for their expertise and attitude.

Poor workmanship can lead to major problems. Electrical faults can cause fires and electric shock. Plumbing problems can cause serious roof, wall and floor damage.

Working to improve standards

Our consulting services provide services that can protect you from design errors, poor standards or bad worksmanship particularly when building a new building.

Poor building standards can lead to building collapse and earthquake damage.

With a lack of industry standards or practical training for tradesmen in Indonesia it is difficult to find fully experienced tradesman. Many people who carry out maintenanc work are self taught and lack even basic understanding of their trade. Getting work done can be a hit and miss affair.

These difficulties are excerbated by the variable quality of materials and fittings available in Bali. Mr Fixit always uses the highest quality materials and fittings at reasonable prices.

Our work guarantee

We provide a 60 day guarantee on our work. For roofing work we provide leak guarantees for one wet season.

Location and Coverage Area

Mr Fixit is based in Sanur, Bali and, with a team of mobile staff are able to service all areas in the southern area of the island including Sanur, Kerobokan, Canggu, Legian, Denpasar, Renon, Nusa Dua. Nusa Benoa, Kuta and Jimbaran.