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Community Liaison in Construction Projects

Local Building Approval

Before building in Bali it is very important to get local building approval. It will be necessary to go and see the local Banjar which is the centre of the local community, these are the people that represent all the people that live around the land you will build on. Local Banjars meet very regularly to discuss any issues that come up in the neighbourhood. Your project will be discussed at the community meeting and once the community give their approval everything will become a lot easier.

You should also go and talk to the local village administrative officer know as the Kepalla Dusun, then there is the local Kepalla Desa (the village head) and finally the Kelurahan.

If there is part of the Balinese irrigation system (know as the Subak) near your property you will need to make sure that their interests are covered, the irrigation system is vital for many people's livelihood and the subak administration have a lot of authority so they can protect the people.

These people have various positions and to be safe it is worth talking to all of them. before your building permit is issues your application will need the support of these people and visiting them to get to know them will go a long way to making things easier later on.

Many people have come unstuck by not doing the right thing.

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