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Pest Control and Eradication

Pest control services in Bali

Mr Fixit provides a range of professional services for the removal and control of common pests and vermin including, rats, bats, mosquitoes and termites.
Mosquitoes spread Malaria and Dengue Fever

Pest control requires specialist knowledge. We need to understand the behaviour of the pest and the use of sophisticated chemicals that satisfactorily address the problem while making sure that people are kept safe.

Tropical climates have many common pests and vermin and pest eradication and control is very important. Common pests not only cause a nuisance but they also pose a risk to health. Mosquitoes which can pass on malaria and dengue fever, termites that eat anything made of wood especially buildings, rats that pass on diseases and bats that can be a serious nuisance.

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Know the enemy and some steps we can take to eradicate or control them.
Rats are a common pest

One of the major drawbacks with living in the beautiful tropical climate of Bali is that many other creatures like living here too and many pests and vermin thrive in the warm temperatures and lush tropical vegetation of Indonesia.

Many are harmless, others are a bit of a nuisance while some are a real problem and can cost us a lot of money or cause serious life threatening diseases.

The most troublesome are rats, that tend to chew our electrical cables and bring hygiene problems; termites, which can quickly destroy all the woodwork in our homes; and mosquitoes that give us sleepless nights and can bring dengue fever and malaria.

Termite Damage

Your valuable property can be protected, your health safeguarded and your comfort enhanced through an ongoing pest control program.

Mr Fixit offers infestation surveys, one off specialist treatments and ongoing control programs. We use carefully selected chemicals and operate within strict safety standards.

Termite Treatments and Damage Repair

There are many types of termite that tend to fall into two categories. The first category are subterranean termites which cause most damge live under the ground and make pathways into your house eating out any wood they come across that they like the taste of. Subterranean termites move anywhere through houses and are able to penetrate even small cracks through concrete. The second category are dry wood termites that live inside the wood, these tend to stay more localised.

Buildings are usually treated for termites before construction starts by treating the ground underneath the building. Once built wood is sprayed and the ground injected to provide protection.

Subteranean Termite

If you suspect you may have termites (you may see telltale wood particles on your floor or furniture) it is wise to get a survey done followed by a quotation for treatment.

A one off treatment is usually needed that will last for many years.

Elimination and Control of Rats and other Vermin

Rats are a very common problem we all live with here in Bali. If you see one you probably have a few or even many. They tend to come out at night particularly in kitchen looking for food. They present us with serious hygiene problems.

They can also cause a lot of damage particularly to electrical cables and may cause electrical short circuits and even fires.

An ongoing program of control is required for rats and uses poisonous baits, rat traps and glue pads. Rats are clever and dealing with them requires a planned approach.

Mosquito Fogging

Mosquitoes are inevitable in tropical climates. Their bites can be pretty annoying but, more seriously, mosquitoes carry malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya and zika virus. Bali is considered malaria free but there is a lot of dengue fever here which usually means a week in hospital and can be fatal.

We carry out treatment for mosquitoes in two ways. The use of fogging, using a smoke producing machine, to treat a property particularly the cool dark places such as under trees and bushes where mosquitoes tend to hang around. The elimination and treatment of any standing water in which they breed.

Mosquitoes require ongoing programs of control particularly during the wet season.


In recent years bats and flying foxes have become an increasing problem in urban areas. They tend to leave a mess in places where they stop such as verandahs and canopies. Flying Foxes can be very noisy.

Bats come out at night to feed on flying insects, they tend to live in dark places such caves and building roof spaces. Flying foxes also only come out at night and feed on fruit (they like mango trees) and may roost in trees during the day.

Getting rid of bats and flying foxes can be a little difficult however Mr Fixit use three methods, electronic repellers (bats navigate by sound), hidden wires and blocking points of entry and roosting.

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