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Electrical Safety Inspection and Service

Poor Electrical Circuits can KILL you and your family, they can also burn your house down.

dangerous electrical wiring
Mr Fixit provides an electrical safety service in which our trained electricians inspect your electrical circuits and make recommendations to make them safe.

We inspect five important factors:

  • The design of the electrical circuits
  • The quality of the wiring and installation
  • The presence of a safety switch (earth leakage detector)
  • Satisfactory circuit breakers
  • That circuits are fully earthed.

Note that standard cricuit breakers will not save your life but a safety switch will.

For your own safety have your electrical circuits checked regularly!

In many parts of the world (including Indonesia) the majority of people designing and installing electrical circuits in buildings are neither qualified nor trained to carry out the work.

The wiring in the above photograph was found in a brand new expensive apartment for sale in Kuta, Bali

Poorly designed and installed electrical circuits are life threatening and every year buildings burn down and people are killed in fires and by electrocution.

Poor electrical circuits can cause three significant risks:

  1. A danger of fire or electrocution from bady installed or damaged circuits.
  2. High electricity bills from poorly planned or wasteful systems.
  3. Regular circuit cutout due to overloading of circuits.

There are a number of strategies that can be used to address these problems. An electrical audit can provide the vital information you need to identify problems and reduce your electricity bills and power outages while keeping you alive.

Poor pool wiring

The Benefits of Electrical Audits

Mr Fixit can carry out electrical audits and make recommendations to address these issues. Our trained electricians use continuity testing and earth leakage measuring equipment to help them to identify problems.

Benefits you may expect from carrying out an electrical audit are:

  • Identification of causes of heavy use of power.
  • Assessment of standard of installtion and potential danger from fire or electrocution.
  • Detection of power theft from your supply.
  • Identification of reasons why your power may be cutting out.
  • Circuit balancing in 3 phase systems to improve you power reliability.