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Bali Property Maintenance Services

General Maintenance

maintenance inspection

Mr Fixit have team of highly professional tradesmen, we use the highest quality fittings and materials and we provide a fully comprehensive range of services to meet your every need.

Our range of work includes:

1. Air conditioning sales, cleaning, repairs and servicing.

2. Water supply system installation and maintenance including tanks, pumps, bores and wells, water heaters and a range of filtration systems.

3. Electrical installations including distribution boards, voltage regulators, wiring, generators, plugs, sockets and lighting. We also carry out electrical audits and troubleshooting.

4. Sewerage and septic systems.

5. Building renovation and problem solving including structural inspection and repairs, rising damp, bathroom and kitchen refits, flooring, doors, windows, and roofing installation and repairs.

6. Pest control including termite treatment and rodent control.

In many cases we have to correct poor workmanship or badly installed systems. Many buildings in Bali are built to poor standards creating ongoing problems for owners.

Whatever your problem give us a call and we can provide you with services that get your home functioning again in the short term and can bring your building up to international standard in the longer term.

Maintenance Contracts

Mr Fixit provide a range of ongoing maintenance contracts that can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

While this takes the hassle out of maintenance for owner occupiers it is a particularly useful service for absent landlords and landladies. You can rest assured that we are your eyes and hears looking after your property for you in your absence and providing you with a regular report so you know that things are alright.

Our standard contracts provide regular inspections of your property during which we check all aspects of your property and report our findings.

Small regular repairs such as blown light bulbs and running toilets will be repaired within the contract price while more significant repairs will be reported and a quotation provided for you to approve before work is carried out.

The contract also provides an ongoing call out service so that anyone using the villa can be given our phone number and we can look after problems that may arise.

Prices are determined according to the size and complexity of the property.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Commercial property owners know the value of preventative maintenance. They use professional maintenance companies who inspect on a regular basis and repair small problem as soon as they find them.

They know that small problems can often become big problems if left unattended. In fact we all do this to a certain extent. We know that changing the oil in our car engine on a regular basis means that the engine will last for hundreds of thousand of kilometres. If we don't change the oil we will soon end up with a very expensive bill for rebuilding the engine.

Probably the most important aspects of this are in finding and stopping roof leaks before roof structures or ceilings are damaged or finding electrical problem before short circuits occur and fires are started.

Mr Fixit provides preventative maintenance services for all types of buildings.

Mr Fixit's CARE Service

Mr Fixit's specialist CARE service provides ongoing renovation of villas and properties.

Many people let their property get run down over many years so that when they get round to renovating there is a major renovation to be undertaken at substantial cost. Lack of maintenance can result in serious damage particularly when villas have alang alang roofs.

CARE stands for Clean And Repair Everything. On a routine basis (perhaps once a year) we go right through the building cleaning it from top to bottom and repairing and renovating what needs doing.

It means that once a year your property is brought back up to as excellent condition. Large scale renovation will not be needed further down the track and you are always living in (or renting out) a first class building.

This scheme is particularly suitable for people who are renting out their villas and who need to constantly keep on top of the maintenance and know their customers are happy.