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Electricians and Plumbers in Bali

Mr Fixit have fully trained tradesmen

It is very difficult to find competent electricians, plumbers, air conditioning technicians and other tradespeople in Bali. At Mr Fixit we have teams of fully trained and experienced technical staff ready to fulfil that need and provide high quality, technically competent service.

Bali electrician installing a solar voltaic system

Quality Training

In Indonesia, there are no apprenticeship systems available to train people in the practical skills that tradespeople require, so we train our own.

To achieve this, we use a mentoring process, rather like an apprenticeship system, in which new staff work alongside our older, experienced electricians and plumbers to learn the skills they will need to carry out their work. This allows us to exchange knowledge and skills but also assess their ability to take on the responsibility and carry out the work we ask them to do

But there is more to it than merely technical skills. Good tradespeople must also understand the technical concepts behind their work and they must also have the initiative to systematically analyse a problem and find and rectify the root cause rather than simply reacting to the symptoms.

Electricians and Electrical Installations

It is particularly important that electricians are skilled in their work. Every day buildings across Indonesia are burning down and people are being electrocuted simply because electrical work was carried out by people who do not understand electrical installations and the safety measures that must be incorporated into circuits.

Electrical safety and installation standards are a constant danger in Indonesia where tradesmen's standards are generally low, materials quality is questionable and safety concepts such as earthing are little understood. We offer a team of experienced electricians who carry design and install electrical systems. We also provide problem-solving services, carry out electrical safety audits and system testing and we can provide services to improve efficiency and reduce the power that you use.

Plumbing Systems

While it is difficult to find a good electrician, it is even harder to find a good plumber. While plumbing is not such a life and death issue as it can be for electrical systems, contaminated water can still make people very sick or even be fatal. Water systems can be a constant source of problems for people and, while remedies can be fairly straightforward for a competent tradesman, many people find themselves struggling to find someone who can solve their issues.

Mr Fixit has a team of fully trained and experienced plumbers who design, install and maintain water supply and storage systems, water heating systems, septic and sewerage systems, and solve difficult drainage problems.

Air conditioning

Reliable, effective air conditioning is essential in the tropical climate of Bali. We supply, install, maintain and service air conditioners both for domestic and commercial use. A full range of manufacturers and sizes are available.