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All About Air Conditioners

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How does an air conditioner work?

An air conditioner works by moving heat from inside to outside your house using a process of evaporating and condensing a liquid.

To understand this basic principle, how it us used in an air conditioner, the features of modern air conditioners and what inverter air conditioners are let us look at how an air conditioner works.

Different Types of air conditioners

Air conditioners come in many different formats from the early window mounted units, the modern split level units to larger units for use in commercial premises. types of air conditioner.

How big an air conditioner do you need?

It is important to select the correct size of air conditioner for a room. Too small and the air conditioner will be working too hard, the room will not be cool enough and you may get condensation problems. Too large and your air conditioner may be constantly switching on and off.

Insulation of the room to be cooled must be considered and different ways that sizing of air conditioners is calculated needs to be clarified.

To help you decide how big an air conditioner you need see our air conditioner calculator.

Installing, cleaning and maintaining air conditioners.

Air conditioners make our lives comfortable especially in the tropical climates. Air conditioners are often required to work very hard running for many hours each day particularly in working environments.

They need to be installed correctly and cleaned regularly. Air conditioners may be expected to leak gas and stop cooling from time to time and require regassing.

In most situations it is advisable to clean your air conditioner (both the indoor and outdoor units) every 3 months or so for more information go to air conditioner servicing.

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