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Are You Building, Buying or Renting Property in Bali?


For many people buying or building property represents the most costly investment they will make in their lives. A property inspection can help you by providing timely and useful advice and information.

Bali is becoming a very popular place to rent or own property but for some it can be a jungle. There are many highly professional architects, builders, developers and real estate agents operating on the island but there are also many who may wish to take advantage of the unwary.

We employ qualified experts to offer a range of services that remove much of the risk and heartache. Our reputation is built on integrity and the desire to bring standards, objectivity and fairness to the property world. By careful examination and analysis we provide objective and accurate information that will help you to make sound decisions by telling you what you need to know.

Our Services:

If You Are Buying Property:

A fully comprehensive inspection so you know exactly what you are buying.

Or a structural survey covering only the most important items including foundation, structure and roof,

If you are coming to the end of your maintenance period:

A fully comprehensive inspection to make sure everything is in excellent condition before you finally take over the property.

If You Are Building:

We can check your contract documentation to make sure you have a properly documented statement of what you are getting, you have an adequate maintenance period and the building is properly designed to structural engineering standards which suit the site.

Inspection of the foundation and structure druing construction to make sure the reinforcing and concrete match the design specifications.

Ongoing construction inspections to make sure that standards are met.

Final comprehensive inspections before you finally take possession.

Structural Surveys

If you are buying or renting existing property we can check that buildings are structurally sound and that there are not going to be any nasty surprises.

Comprehensive Property Condition Reports

We provide independent exhaustive inspections for potential property buyers to tell them everything about a property including the structural standard and condition right down the detail such as the condition of wall surfaces, doors, windows, plumbing and electrical circuits.

Handover Inspections

For people who are coming to the end of their maintenance period we can make sure everything is up to scratch before you finally sign off with the builder or developer. Our maintenance inspections not only cover superficial issues such as wall finishing or sticking windows and doors, our structural surveys carried out by fully qualified engineers will identify the more important issues such as adequacy of foundations and structural integrity of the building.

Electrical Audits

With an unreliable electricity supply in most parts of Indonesia combined with restrictions on how much power people have access to many people are having problems with their electrical power. The problem is excerbated by poor electrical installations, phase inbalance in 3 phase supplies and the common incidence of neighbours "borrowing" power.

Electrical audits can resolve many electrical problems and reduce power bills by optimising circuits, identifying and removing power losses and finding faults.

Water Testing

Water quality is a major issue in Bali and contaminated water can cause illness even death. Contamination may be from minerals in the ground, from a nearby septic tank or perhaps industrial waste.

A laboratory test can check the purity of your water and provide the information needed to plan appropriate measures to improve the quality of the supply.